Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

The impact of bus Transjakarta

Transportation is very important for everyone. Transjakarta bus is one of the new public transport vehicles - has recently been operated. According to wikipedia Transjakarta bus is a bus rapid transport system or the Bus Rapid Transit in Jakarta, Indonesia. Transjakarta bus using a special channel that only traveled by bus. Given Transjakarta expected to reduce congestion, and can create comfort for its passengers. But with the bus instead Transjakarta negatively impact on the public transportation drivers. According to an article contained in http://bataviase.co.id/node/202283, 1908 carrying public transportation and other public vehicles which threatened not operate and the driver lost livelihoods due to the operation of buses in the area tangerang Tranjakarta south. If we see from the statement, imagine how much public transportation drivers who idle in all areas contained Tranjakarta bus? Certainly not a little and if the public transportation is still operated, drivers of public transportation will also continue to receive negative impacts due to reduction in their income due to reduced bus passengers who switch to Transjakarta. This is very worrying, when peoples who have enough money to enjoy excellent facilities while on the other side of people - wealthy people who do not have to accept the negative impact of this facility. I think the government should consider the negative impact given this Transjakarta bus and can provide the best solution for all parties.

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