Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

Impact of Business Ethics Violations For Sellers

In the world of business customers or consumers is the most must come first, because without a seller's customers will not get the benefits he expects. Usually the seller will try to understand the consumer both in terms of consumer prices that can be achieved, the quality of goods or services that consumers diiinginkan, etc.. But many sellers who ignore it.

One example is one of my friends who never bought an MP3 player and a stabilizer in a store, it's time he bought at a price cheaper than other shops located around the area, with the same brand. But after several days to a month MP3s are not damaged and was followed by the Stabilizer. This incident not only affects my friends on this one, but one of my friends have experienced it lainpun ditoko same.

Based on the above events, of course this is very harmful to consumers, where consumers now have started memepercayai seller at a price that is cheaper and the same brand with the other stores, have been let down by poor quality. This of course does not create a customer. Because consumers who feel harmed and would not want to buy more goods - those goods ditoko the same.

In addition to the creation of a customer is not it also can reduce the buyers - a new buyer. Why is that? Because of possible buyers who have bought goods in the store and have felt disadvantaged told her friend not to buy the goods sold in the store.

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